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The Emergence of First Love

The Emergence of First Love

出线了,初恋 (2019)

Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama, Sports
Actors: Chen Run, Zheng He Hui Zi, Yang Leo, Li Jiu Lin, Bai Fan
Directors: Unknown
Networks: Unknown
Also Known As: 出线了初恋,Chu Xian Le Chu Lian,出線了 初戀
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Chinese
Released: 2019
Episode: Ep 30 / 30
A story about first love follows a young woman looking for a creative outlet who inadvertently meets a man that has missed out on his dreams.Hua Xi Xi is a manhua-loving girl with a quirky imagination and an interest in drawing. Huo Ziang is a gifted soccer player who missed out on his dreams because of an injury. The two had an immediate dislike for each other when they first met, but their relationship blossomed through the process of chasing their dreams. In encouraging Huo Ziang, Hua Xi Xi also helped patch up the misunderstandings between Huo Ziang and his friend Sun Xiu Jie. Getting caught in a love triangle, the three fall into a dilemma of friendship and love.
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